NASA DEVELOP is a capacity building program in the Applied Earth Sciences division. They use NASA Earth Observations and satellite data to solve problems for countries all over the globe.
DEVELOP had a lot of good news to report for 2016, and therefore had quite a bit of information they wanted to be included in the report. They also wanted this report to standout from all the other annual reports coming out around that same time, in the hopes that it wouldn't get buried on a desk under a pile of paperwork. And of course, it had to meet NASA's strict style guidelines and fit within the DEVELOP identity.
The 2016 DEVELOP Annual Report was a collaborative effort between myself and another DEVELOP designer, Carrie Kelley. Carrie and I decided on a gatefold brochure, but designed it vertically to stand out more from the rest of the DEVELOP literature. We split it up so she was working on the inside while I designed the outside.
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