The logo and illustrations for Siren Squad, an LDnD episodic campaign streamed on Twitch. This logo is used on the website, the calendar, and on the overlay for every twitch game.
"The Ultra Marines are a fierce military force protecting the Cerulean Sea and surrounding areas. Of the Marines the most elite forces are the Siren Squad - a group of highly trained ladies who take on the most dangerous missions. The Sirens are a group of rainbow mermaids who take on more fun, G-rated adventures in a PowerPuff Girls and Totally Spies style."
The Sirens
I illustrated each Siren in Procreate using an analogous color palette. The mermaids were an exercise in color theory, as there are no layer modes used to create highlights and shadows - only solid colors in the same palette. Each mermaid has a corresponding color name.
This image is from the "Meet the Sirens" series, which gives a little more detail into each character's personality and shows a small vignette to flesh them out more.
The Ocean Friends
These sea creature illustrations are for the Siren Squad Twitch stream, where audience members can cash in channel points to redeem a little friend for the session. These, like the Sirens, are done in Procreate in an analogous color palette.
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