A gentle reminder of some of the more important things in life! These holographic stickers are water resistant and heavy duty, so they're ready to go anywhere that needs a little more kindness or a little more color.

I created this initial piece as a sort of coping mechanism when my grandfather passed away in 2019. He used to end every conversation, every phone call, with the phrase, "Take care of yourself, and take care of each other." They were the last words he ever said to me.

When I was a kid he came home with a work laptop and said “here, you’re artistic. Decorate this!” I covered it in like 50 bright-colored flower stickers which, quite frankly, looked horrible. He said he loved it and told me every time a coworker complimented him on his floral computer. My DziaDzia was NEVER afraid to rock something crazy and ostentatious. So I made him his own stickers, and I made sure they were loud.

Stickers printed by Stickerapp.com 
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