Who doesn’t love food? For this series I decided to hand-letter some of my favorite foods into an alphabet, or, as I like to call it, an alFOODbet. I chose each letter with my stomach, resulting in an eclectic mix of dessert, dinner, drinks, Korean, Greek, and Mexican. Each letter is in whatever fast, sketchy style I felt like at the time and is really only unified by the common color palette.
My personal favorite letters in this series are O, R, and U, and X. My favorite foods? All of them and way more!
I used these letters to put together five cookbooks; the Original, Second Course, Across the World, Just Desserts, and A Toast to the AlFOODbet. The first two are just themed as my favorite recipes without regard for type of food. The last three are curated by drinks, desserts, and Asian foods.
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