Emerald AI is a product from Krydus, a startup that provides tools for the entire machine learning pipeline, from data mining and cleaning to model and neural network development.
The Logo
For their new Emerald logo Krydus wanted "dark and techy". I gave them a cool, blue-toned palette to stand out from the more typical lime green color associated with emeralds. As a last little touch, I customized the As with a gentle slope as a nod back to the logo shape.
Incorporated Concepts
I blended a trillion cut emerald and the nodes from a fully connected neural network. 
The Pitch Deck
The first thing Kyrdus wanted to incorporate their new branding into was the pitch deck. I created some custom geometric patterns with their new color pallette. These were easily incorporated into a new custom PPT template, which they could update and add to as needed.
"Jenna is the absolute best to work with! Not only is she very clear and concise about what concepts she could bring to life, she is able to incorporate everything I asked for, and my logo looks amazing! Due to time constraints I reached out to Jenna in a pinch and she was able to conceptualize, design and complete everything I needed in a short timeframe. I’ll be turning to Jenna for all my design needs!" - Krydus, on Emerald AI
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