Pricing Guide

Layout Rates
I specialize in accessible layout for dyslexia, dyscalculia, and other visual processing disorders. ALL of the work I do is accessible, there is no extra charge to "add it on". You can see a sample of my previous layout projects here. All prices shown in USD.
Book Rate
$10-15 / page
TTRPG adventures, modules, full games, as well as novels and informational booklets all fit in this category. I can version for Digital PDF, printer-friendly PDF, and for print. I have experience with multiple print shops including the PoD with DriveThruRPG.
Larger projects (multiple hundreds of pages) get a discounted rate depending on size.
Pitchdeck Rate
$17-20 / page
Your pitchdeck is make-or-break for getting funding. It's the most important asset you have, and it needs to be perfect. I got you. I'll work with you to create an eye-catching deck that tells your story and actually calls your audience to action, rather than leaving them hanging.
Versioning for digital PDF and print available. 
Indie Rate
$5-8 / page
I understand that small creators who do everything themselves don't have a lot of extra funding for small games. If you're a single person with a game less fewer than 30 pages (Including one-page games!) on a platform like Itch or DMsGuild, I have a special rate for you. I'm a big believer in accessible gaming for all, and I want to support indie creators in the TTRPG space.
And yes, this includes games that have already been published. Refreshing your layout can be a great way to get more eyes on an older game, and interest people who may not have previously been interested!
Branding Packages
You can see a sample of some of my previous branding projects here, or social graphics and stream overlays here.
Just the Logo
When you need just one logomark, a show title card, or any other small thing that doesn't require multiple versions.
Standard Logo Package
This is “just the logo”, when you need multiple versions. It includes full color, gradient, black and white versions, as well as with and without the brand name. No matter what you need a logo for, from the website to embroidered shirts, this will include the version you need. And because of my research phase, I can guarantee that your branding will fit into your market while being totally unique.
Social & Channel Asset Package
Youtube thumbnails, Twitch and discord emotes, and other elements you may need as you go. Made to match your existing branding, or take you in a new direction.
Social & Channel Branding Package
All of the profile pictures, cover images, icons, banners, etc. you need to get yourself out on social media. This can include the banners, info panels, and channel point icons for twitch, and thumbnail templates for Youtube. Each will be to correct aspect ratio and resolution, labeled by media and neatly organized so you can plug and play.
Full Branding Package
This is like, the full thing. It pretty much always includes a logo set and color palette, and usually includes a style guide, business cards, letterheads, ppt templates, and anything else you need to get your brand off the ground. If you’re going all in, this can also include the full social media package as well.
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