Pricing Guide
I price projects based on multiple factors, mainly time and rights. Each project is a little different, so use this list as a general reference. The range is based on the size, scope, and timeframe for the project. 
Just need something small? Not a problem! I'm more than happy to work on little projects too.
Standard Logo Package
This is “just the logo”. It includes full color, gradient, black and white versions, as well as with and without the brand name. No matter what you need a logo for, from the website to embroidered shirts, this will include the version you need. And because of my research phase, I can guarantee that your branding will fit into your market while being totally unique.
Full Branding Package
This is like, the full thing. It pretty much always includes a logo set and color palette, and usually includes a style guide, business cards, letterheads, ppt templates, and anything else you need to get your brand off the ground. If you’re going all in, this can also include the full social media package as well.
Social & Channel Asset Package
Youtube thumbnails, Twitch emotes, Discord server emoji, and other elements you may need as you go. Made to match your existing branding, or take you in a new direction.
Social & Channel Branding Package
All of the profile pictures, cover images, icons, banners, etc. you need to get yourself out on social media. This can include the banners, info panels, and channel point icons for twitch, and thumbnail templates for Youtube. Each will be to correct aspect ratio and resolution, labeled by media and neatly organized so you can plug and play.
Let's talk!
Yes! Can't wait to make all your design dreams come true! You should hear back from me shortly, keep in mind I am in CST timezone.