From the website: "The WafflesMapleSyrup Network streams Tabletop Roleplaying Games (TTRPGs) live on Twitch before producing them into Podcast and YouTube content. They also make dice, art, maps, and strive to be overall kind hearts in the community."
WMS wanted a fresh brand identity that combined the fun, approachable feel of the network (and original branding) while elevating to a more professional level to reflect their growth in the industry. 
Polyhedral dice, adventuring gear (bow and arrow, shield, sword, map) Healing potion, waffle, headphones (for the podcast)
Social Media promo backgrounds
Twitch Panels
Twitch Emotes
WMS wanted new emotes for their twitch to unify their brand with their channel. The emotes needed to be fun, relevant to their content, and feature their new mascot. I designed Nugget, a baby owlbear cub mascot for them.
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