From the Creators: "XII: INNER DEMONS is an urban survival horror fantasy tabletop role playing game, set in a world much like our own, but with a lurking layer of supernatural predation and nightmare just out of sight. The players take up the roles of either mortal humans...or lesser escape the ensuing collateral damage when one of the strongest members of their kind tears its way into the world to devour a human." Written and developed by Xoco Sanchez, Amelia Piras, and Ian Lincoln. Art by Amelia Piras.
I created an alternate version of the game after the kickstarter finished that is specifically designed for people with visual processing disorders, such as dyslexia. This version is about 50 pages longer to accommodate larger text with more space, and features color-coded chapter backgrounds as well as clear chapter and page numbers on each page. 
I also created new character sheets to accompany the game. There are multiple versions - both for human and demon player characters, and for digital and print versions. While there is quite a bit to keep track of for each character, I managed to keep the character sheets at the same font size and style as the rest of the book.
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